Project 4Youth

The aim of 4Youth project is implementation of elements of motivational approaches into youth work, combining them with recognition of learning outcomes. The analysis of the youth work in all involved countries (Slovenia, Ghana, Bulgaria, Tanzania and Malawi) shows that youth is not interested to be active, to take part in the activities, to exploit possibilities, they are not interested to co-develop society they live in and they lack soft skills, needed in the economy. Youth workers need new skills, knowledge to address those challenges. Project 4Youth aims to develop skills, knowledge and competences of youth workers to increase their productivity and effectiveness. By the end of this project we will be able to develop permanent methodology to guide us, improve the existing programs and serve as policy directives for up-coming youths or the generations to come. Within the project, we will train youth workers and give them new tools, approaches and will develop environment for fostering youth participation.

Celjski Mladinski Center, Slovenia
Amsha Institute of Rural Entrepreneurship, Tanzania
National Management School, Bulgaria
Sustainable Rural Community Development Organisation, Malawi
Ghana Permaculture Institute, Ghana